YTML Group have a suite of technology solutions that has been mapped to the delivery of advice. A diversity of solutions from converting excel documents into powerful applications, website design and build, information portals, document management and documentation generation. Seido is the most recent technology to help advisers. YTML are a multiple award finalist and present at many industry events. Their loyal long standing relationships with advice businesses of all sizes is testament to the quality of their solutions and service.

YTMLs customer base includes Westpac BT Financial Group, ANZ OnePath, AMP, Macquarie, and GPS Wealth.

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End User Advisers and Clients
Advice Process Steps Scope
Benefits Process efficiency
Engagement Uplift
Time saving
Cost Reductions
Cost per user per annum Seido sign-up is at no cost and comes with core crm functionality. Monthly subscriptions to applications start from $50. Consulting and the cost of  custom solution build is dependant upon the complexity of the work.
Time saving per client Significant. Depends on the problem but we have achieved time savings of up to 80% for the client.
Cost saving per client Depends on the solution enacted
Integration Open architecture allows integration with any planning software
Website embedding Yes
White labelled Yes
System prerequisite Internet
Single sign on Yes
Data storage Cloud based
Privacy standards Australian Privacy Act
Limits on use No user or client restrictions
Disaster recovery and business continuity plans Yes
AFSL approval Multiple AFSLs use various financial planning solutions from YTML Group. Some of these AFSLs include: Westpac BT Financial Group, ANZ Onepath, AMP, Macquarie, GPS Wealth


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