Worksorted is an extremely intuitive CRM, workflow and revenue management solution. The system incorporates various compliance tools along with the ability to manage FDS & Opt-In individually or in bulk.

The system provides powerful automated processes allowing technology to handle many of the repetitive, time consuming tasks advisers would have previously dealt with. This results in an increase in efficiency and cost saving for advice practices.

Worksorted provides confidence, piece of mind, scalability and new ways to provide a better level of service to clients. Their focus in the coming year is on Integration points with related, best-of-breed software components.

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End User Financial Planners
Advice Process Steps Scoping of advice
Goal identification
Assessing Finances
Benefits Touch-free automation of tasks and client communications
Process efficiency
Engagement uplift
Time saving
Cost to serve reductions
Cost per user per year Under $499
Time saving per client More than 3 hours per client
Cost saving per client $501-$1000
Integration COIN and XPlan
Website embedding No
White labelled Yes
System prerequisite No. We operate on all browsers. No downloads are required to access our CRM. Upgrades provided immediately to all users.
Single sign on No
Data storage Stored on Australian enterprise-grade servers. Client personal information, file notes, adviser information, client revenue, product holdings, documents, and lots lots more.
Privacy standards All relevant Australian privacy standards are adhered to.
Limits on use No user or client restrictions
Disaster recovery and business continuity plans Yes
AFSL approval We are active in all of the majority of main licensees as well as self-licensed firms.  Importantly, we choose to work directly with those practice principals at the coal face. They are the people who know what their businesses need from a CRM.