Professional Accountability

To help us maintain high professional standards, we encourage our members, and the public, to alert us to any concerns about misconduct.

Disciplinary Process

Our disciplinary process was put in place as a formal mechanism to investigate complaints against FPA members. Members who are found to have breached the Code may be sanctioned.

In June 2016, the FPA Board approved some changes that were recommended as part of an operational review of the FPA Disciplinary Regulation. The changes are designed to ensure the process remains efficient and effective, and to also:

  • Correct drafting errors and ambiguities
  • Lessen risk of processes becoming subject to legal challenge
  • Simplify processes and remove unnecessary process duplication
  • Bring earlier involvement of the CRC in the disciplinary process
  • Improve member communication
  • Improve hearing phase management.

Decisions about whether an FPA member has breached the Code and whether they should be sanctioned, are made by The FPA Conduct Review Commission (CRC), a panel entrusted with responsibility of determining each case.

Recent determinations

Read about recent determinations by the Conduct Review Commission (CRC).

Read about FPA members:

  • who have been sanctioned, following a disciplinary panel hearing or summary disposal
  • whose membership has been automatically terminated under the FPA constitution for professional standards related reasons
  • who have been suspended.


 Lodging a Formal Complaint

Complaints that involve evidence of misconduct should be made formally. To help you decide on the best course of action, please read this information.

Lodging an Anonymous Complaint

If you would rather keep your identity protected, you can lodge an anonymous complaint through FPA Confidential (Anonymous Reporting) Service, an independent service run by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. Please be aware that we may be limited in the actions we can take, if we cannot get in touch with you to obtain further information. Where possible, we ask that you provide your contact information. Read more about the FPA Confidential anonymous reporting policy.

Professional Standards Annual Report

Download the 2014-15 Annual Report from the FPA Professional Standards team.


Download the 2013-14 FPA Professional Standards Annual Report

Any questions?

Please email or call our Professional Standards team directly on 02 9220 4518.

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