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Financial Planning Services for ADF members

Former and current members of the Australian Defence Force sometimes face complex decisions with respect to their financial affairs. As well as considering the additional risks and lifestyle factors that are relevant to veterans and current members, there is additional legislation that affects their entitlement to social security benefits and Government departments with which they have to communicate.

FPA members can play a vital role in ensuring that these Australians receive professional assistance with managing their financial affairs and relationships with Government departments. The FPA can support our members who provide these services by facilitating training, guidance, and client referrals.

Giving advice to veterans

One of the most important aspects of helping veterans with their financial affairs is to help them understand their social security entitlements. In some cases, veterans are required to seek qualified financial and/or legal advice before making decisions regarding their entitlements. The complexity and variability of the issues requiring qualified, independent financial advice include:

  • the effect of taxation on payments being offered;
  • the effect payments may have on eligibility for income support payments such as a social security pension, or service pension under the Veterans Entitlement Act;
  • the additional assistance or taxation benefits that may be available through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs or the Department of Human Services in the event that dependents are involved;
  • the ability to undertake vocational or psychosocial rehabilitation or return to work even on a part-time basis at some stage in the future;
  • where incapacity payments cease at age 65 but the Special Rate Disability Pension can continue;
  • offsetting arrangements concerning superannuation applicable to payments offered through the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004;
  • how commitments, existing assets and lifestyle should be considered with respect to the person’s financial situation.


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How you can get involved

Please get in touch if you are an FPA member that currently offers advice to veterans and understands the legislative and Government framework for providing support to veterans. We are also interested in hearing from members who wish to include this as part of their service offering to clients.

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