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What’s your money destiny?

Top 5 habits of “Go-Getters” living the Aussie dream

New research reveals the money and life habits of working-age Australians most likely to be “living the dream” today include waking before 7am, eating out, and engaging in meditation or other spiritual activity at least five times a week, according to the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and its new Live the Dream 2017 national research report.

It seems the “she’ll be right” Aussie stereotype is fading fast with a dominant 33% of working-age Australians defined as “Go-Getters” who make and stick to their plans, compared to “Daydreamers” (32%), “Cruisers” (19%), and “Builders” (16%) (see the full Live the Dream report for full demographic details of each profile – sent separately).

Go-Getters are happiest with their financial situation and lifestyle, with nearly two in five saying they are “living the dream”. This ideal personality profile is most likely to work full time, have a degree, and is most likely to be Generation Y. They also have a notably strong sense of self-belief with 84% saying they completely or somewhat believe in themselves and their ability to create the life they want.

What else can we learn about the money and life habits of this enviably content and driven personality type? The FPA Live the Dream research reveals they do the below activities at least five times per week:

  1. Wake up before 7am (50%)
  2. Spend quality time with family (44%)
  3. Spend time diary planning (19%)
  4. Meditate or engage in spiritual activity (16% — more than double any of the other three personality types, and five times more likely than Australians who say they are not living the dream).
  5. Eat out at restaurants (11%)

Overall, Go-Getters not only dream big but have the “drive and determination to carve out their dreams”, says FPA CEO, Dante De Gori, CFP®. “I’m obviously most thrilled to see a whopping 58% of Go-Getters have sought advice from a financial planner, or intend to do so. That’s a truly satisfying testament to our profession that people happiest with their money and life see a financial planner.”

The FPA is encouraging people to find out their own “money destiny” around Financial Planning Week (21-27 August) via a quiz on its website, and is offering A$5,000 to inspire more Australians to #getaplan and pursue their dream life.

The FPA Live the Dream 2017 research was conducted by McCrindle Research among 2,635 Australians aged between 23 and 71 between 2-13 June 2017