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Future2 grants over $115,000 to young Australians in need

Future2 has awarded over $115,000 in grants to community not-for-profits with programs for socially and financially disadvantaged young Australians.

Making the announcement at the Future2 Gala Dinner at the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) Professionals Congress in Brisbane tonight, Future2 director / trustee Marianne Perkovic said the increase in annual Future2 Make the Difference! Grants is the result of generosity of financial planning professionals and many others connected with the profession.

“Last year, FPA members and friends contributed to a substantial increase in funds raised, enabling the Future2 board to increase grant funding by over 50%. With your continuing support, we will fulfil Future2’s vision to be the heart of financial advice profession, bringing new hope and confidence to thousands of young people who deserve a better chance in life”, Ms Perkovic said.

Make the Difference! Grants were first awarded in 2007, the year of the Foundation’s establishment. The opening of the new grant round each year is now eagerly awaited by hundreds of not-for-profits in Australia. This year 140 applications for funding were received, each one was endorsed by a local financial planner – a measure of their engagement with the communities in which they live and work.

The grants are awarded in two categories: single year grants of up to $10,000 and multi-year grants of up to $30,000 over 3 years.

Future2 Make the Difference! Grants fund projects that give hope for a better future to 12-25 year olds who may be financially disadvantaged, homeless, juvenile justice offenders, drug or alcohol dependent, disabled, or disadvantaged in some other respect.

Funded projects have been in the areas of financial literacy, skills training, work experience, community service and mentoring.

Since Future2 was established in 2007, the foundation has granted over $500,000 to 37 organisations across Australia.

2015 Future2 Make the Difference! Grants
Awarded to Program Endorsed by Amount
Albury Wodonga Volunteer Resource Bureau
Albury Lavington NSW
Future2 Transfer Ian Clark CFP® $10,000
BackTrack Youth Works
Armidale NSW
Agricultural work experience for young women aged 18-25 Matt Meehan CFP® $10,000 (2nd yr of $30,000 grant 2014-16)
Bridge Builders Youth Organisation
Lilydale VIC
Leadership education and skills training for 12-25 year olds Craig Ralph CFP® $10,000 (2nd yr of $30,000 grant 2014-16)
The Esther Foundation
Como WA
Positive Pathways Program Randall Stout CFP® $10,000 (1st yr of $30,000 grant 2015-17)
Launceston City Mission
Launceston TAS
Get Smart – smart recovery program David Gibson CFP® $8,333 (1st yr of $25,000 grant 2015-17)
National Joblink
Cairns QLD
NJL Youth Employment Program Danny Maher CFP® $9,000
National Joblink
Darwin NT
NJL Next Step Program Susie Erratt CFP® $10,000
Palngun Wurnangat Association
Wadeye NT
Widening Horizons – work experience program Kathy Havers CFP® $10,000 (2nd yr of $30,000 grant 2014-16)
Women’s Health and Family Services
Northbridge WA
Education and empowerment for young women in crisis Kelly-Louise Pillay CFP® $10,000 (2nd yr of $30,000 grant 2014-16)
Youth Connect
Moorabbin VIC
Wheelly Good Coffee – training and employment Hari Maragos CFP® $8,000
Youth Futures
Perth WA
The NEST Antony Black AFP® $10,000 (1st yr of $25,000 grant 2015-17)
Youth Opportunities
North Adelaide SA
Empowering Disadvantaged Youth Eddie Bell AFP® $10,000 (1st yr of $25,000 grant 2015-17)


About the 2015 grant recipients

Albury Wodonga Volunteer Resource Bureau Inc, Albury, NSW
$10,000 grant for the Future2 Transfer program. Application supported by Ian Clark CFP®

The Future2 grant will assist recently arrived young migrants and refugees to improve their English skills, gain access to education and training opportunities and be prepared for the workforce.

The Esther Foundation, South Perth, WA
$30,000 grant, 2015-17 for the Positive Pathway program. Application supported by Randall Stout CFP®

Young women in crisis will receive mentoring and practical experience in the Esther Café so that they can develop the skills they need to find work and establish independent lives.

Launceston City Mission Inc., Launceston, Tasmania
$25,000 grant 2015-17 for the SMART Recovery program. Application supported by David Gibson CFP®

This cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) based program will help young people with addictive behaviours to understand, manage, and change their irrational thoughts and actions, with the help of professionals, peers and mentors to keep them involved and motivated.

National Joblink, Darwin NT
$10,000 grant for the Next Step program. Application supported by Susie Erratt CFP®

The program develops the skills and knowledge of young people aged 18-25 years who are undertaking alcohol and drug programs at Banyan House in Darwin. The focus is on training and development of skills that will help them gain employment.

National Joblink, Cairns, QLD
$9,000 grant for the Youth Employment program. Application supported by Danny Maher CFP®

Unemployed youth who are vulnerable, socially isolated or living in dysfunctional family situations are helped to develop skills to enable them to secure employment.

Youth Connect, Moorabbin VIC
$8,000 grant for the Wheelly Good Coffee program (WGCP). Application supported by Hari Maragos CFP®

Youth Connnect works with young people under 25 years who are at risk of not making a successful transition from school to further study or employment. The program helps them secure jobs through accredited and non-accredited training, exploration of career pathways and local work opportunities.

Youth Futures, Joondalup WA
$30,000 grant 2015-17 for the NEST program. Application supported by Antony Black AFP®

The NEST gives practical and emotional support to vulnerable teenagers who are juggling motherhood with other difficult financial and social circumstances. Fifty teenage mothers and 50 children are given the opportunity and skills to live independently.

Youth Opportunities, Somerton Park SA
$30,000 grant 2015-17. Application supported by Eddie Bell AFP®

The Youth Opportunities Personal Leadership Program will build the confidence and skills of 54 Year 10 students at Craigmore High School, in northern Adelaide, one of Australia’s most disadvantaged regions and an unemployment hotspot.