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Future2 and FPA draw closer

A long-standing relationship between the Future2 Foundation and the Financial Planning Association (FPA) has been formalised and strengthened with an agreement to work together for the betterment of the Australian community and the enhancement of professionalism among financial planners.

The trustees of Future2 and the board of the FPA have executed a memorandum of understanding that makes Future2 the charitable foundation of the FPA.

“Aligning Future2 solely with the FPA opens the way to stronger engagement by the 8,500 financial planning professionals who are FPA members. With their support we will take our place at the heart of the financial planning profession and build a strong, vibrant future”, says Steve Helmich, Future2 Chair.

FPA Chair Matthew Rowe says, “The FPA is building a professional community at the centre of which is the notion of ‘giving back’. As our charitable foundation seeking to make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most, Future2 will facilitate collective giving and individual involvement, augmenting the community and pro bono work of many FPA members.”

“Financial planners will gain widespread respect and trust by acting in the public interest in all that they do – community service as well as client service – and contributing to the overall wealth of the community”, Matthew Rowe added.

Future2 trustees acknowledge the very important role of the FPA in its establishment, administration and management in its formative years. The execution of the MOU offers a larger resource pool for the foundation, greater integration into FPA activities of fundraising and grant giving opportunities, and more board positions for FPA nominees.

Future2 will replace its current tagline with the words ‘The Foundation of the Australian Financial Planning Association’.

Future2 was established in 2007 with the support of the FPA and is a charitable foundation providing financial support to people in ‘necessitous circumstances’ and is recognised Australia wide. Deductible Gift Recipient status bestowed by the Australian Taxation Office enables all donations of $2 or more to be tax deductible. Over $250,000 has been granted to not-for-profit and charitable organisations working to make a better future for young Australians from socially and financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

The FPA provides the vision, leadership and resources to raise the professional standards and community standing of its members. Those members are part of a strong and growing professional association that is working with stakeholders to elevate financial planning to a universally respected profession.