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FPRJ announces winners of new financial planning research awards

Editors of the Financial Planning Research Journal (FPRJ), published by Griffith University on behalf of the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA), have announced the winners of three new research awards for 2018-19.

Dr Michelle Cull from Western Sydney University was the recipient of the Early Career Researcher Award and the Conference Travel Award, while Robert J. Bianchi, Michael E. Drew and Adam N. Walk won the Best Paper Award.

The new awards are part of ongoing initiatives by FPRJ to provide an academic platform to discuss issues around personal financial planning and wealth management, changes in the financial planning industry and the notion of professionalism in personal finance within Australia.

Dr Cull, who was a 2018 Financial Planning Education Council (FPEC) Academic Research Grant recipient for the project titled ‘Motivating factors for choosing a career in the financial planning profession’, has been the most prolific, high-quality contributor to FPRJ with three ‘first author’ papers. The Early Career Researcher Award, which is sponsored by the US-based Academy of Financial Services (AFS), recognises the work done by a researcher early in their career and outstanding contributions to research in financial planning in Australia.

As winner of the Conference Travel Award, Dr Cull travels to Minneapolis, USA, to present at the AFS Annual Meeting this week on 15-16 October, and the US Financial Planning Association Annual Conference on 16-18 October. She will join winners from the Journal of Financial Planning (FPA USA) and the Financial Services Review (the academic journal of the AFS) to make presentations to over 2000 financial planners, as well as hundreds of academics, on the importance of academic research globally.

The Best Paper Award, sponsored by PlanPlus Global Inc. (the combination of FinaMetrica in Australia and PlanPlus in Canada), went to the paper ‘The Time Diversification Puzzle: A Survey’, Financial Planning Research Journal, Vol 2, Issue 2, 2016.

FPA CEO, Dante De Gori CFP®, said: “We congratulate Dr Michelle Cull of Western Sydney University on her outstanding work. She has demonstrated sustained support for the emerging body of knowledge in financial planning and produced several high-quality papers for FPRJ.

“Robert J. Bianchi, Michael E. Drew and Adam N. Walk should also be congratulated on winning the Best Paper Award. Their research has made a significant contribution to the body of knowledge in financial planning, and has the potential to be a seminal reference paper.”

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