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FPA unveils new consumer advertising campaign tackling the COVID-19 crisis

The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) has launched a timely campaign, called Ask a CFP® professional’, designed to amplify the critical role that financial planning professionals play during this global health and financial crisis.

The ads are based on five messages addressing current COVID-19 issues facing Australian consumers, prompting them to seek help of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (or CFP®) professional to safeguard their finances and come out the other side of the pandemic financially stronger.

Dante De Gori CFP®, CEO of the FPA said: “Planning and responding in uncertain times, like what we’re facing now, means that people are often forced to re-evaluate and reassess their situation, particularly their financial circumstances. Our campaign aims to highlight the importance of talking to a CFP® professional for advice and gives Australians the reassurance and support that they need to get through the COVID-19 crisis.”

“At a time when many Australians will be feeling more confused and anxious than ever about their financial future, the FPA wanted the campaign execution to convey a very clear message that there is trust in financial planners and what a financial planner can do for you,” he added.

‘Ask a CFP professional’ is the repeated message of the new advertising campaign, each time preceded by a question that is likely to be on the minds of Australian’s right now.

The five key messages outlined in the campaign are:

  1. How do I create a solid financial plan to weather any storm? Ask a CFP professional: The economic fallout of the COVID-19 lock-down may not be the only economic ‘storm’ you endure through your lifetime. Having a financial plan in place will enable Australians to live the life they want, and also be prepared for any setbacks along the way, such as another economic crisis or a change in your personal circumstances.
  2. How will my retirement be affected by COVID-19? Ask a CFP professional: Those who are close to retirement or already retired are probably feeling unsure about the financial impacts on your life after work. You might have questions about what financial support is on offer, as well as early superannuation withdrawal and mortgage payment deferral options. A financial planning expert will offer a calm, guiding hand to help you navigate your financial circumstances to allow you to continue to live the life you have planned for.
  3. If I access my super early, how will it affect my retirement? Ask a CFP professional: Before tapping into the Government’s COVID-19 Early Release Scheme, it’s critical to first address some pressing questions: Is accessing early super is right for you? How could it impact the quality of my life in retirement? Talking to a financial planner is critical to understand the implications of withdrawing this lump sum from your superannuation and whether or not it is the best option.
  4. Need to talk about your finances? Ask a CFP professional: We’re living in a time of economic crisis. It’s never been more important to review your finances and learn about the options available to improve your situation and achieve your goals. With the amount of personal finance information readily available at our fingertips, a financial planner is a good starting point to provide you with credible, timely and relevant advice for your financial well-being.
  5. How long will my money last? Ask a CFP professional: Due to disruption in income and job loss resulting from COVID-19, many Australians are worried about how long their money will last. During times of great stress and uncertainty, it can be even harder to make big decisions with potentially long-lasting consequences. It further intensifies the need for expert advice on your individual circumstances to help you understand your options and feel empowered to make decisions about your future.

Developed by Ikon Communications, phase 1 of the campaign was launched on Facebook, Instagram and Google Search advertising, followed by phase 2 on digital display, podcast and regional radio advertising launching from mid-May to end of June 2020. With people spending so much time at home due to social distancing restrictions, the campaign will be rolled out via digital channels and audio advertising.

Says Rob Martin Murphy, ECD of Ikon, “Working with the FPA, who genuinely want to help people achieve financial freedom, is always rewarding. We look forward to seeing this campaign help put more people on that path.”

“Uncertain times call for certain advice. Australians are encouraged to connect with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional who will listen, understand and help you navigate the current crisis on the FPA’s Match My Planner platform,” Mr De Gori concluded.