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FPA launches FPA Community peer-to-peer online forum

Professionals Congress kicks off with new tool allowing members to easily connect, collaborate and communicate

From the opening keynote session of the Financial Planning Association of Australia’s (FPA) Professionals Congress, the organisation has launched a new online secure community platform that will enable its members to form deeper connections with one another and share views with their professional peers.

At this time of great change in the financial planning profession, there is a need for financial planners to share information on the topics that are most important to them. FPA Community provides a new way for FPA members to connect, collaborate and communicate in a secure and trusted setting.

Dante De Gori CFP®, CEO of the FPA, said: “An important benefit of being part of the 14,000-strong FPA membership is immediate access to a community of like-minded professionals. CoreData research identified that FPA members are seeking more opportunities to connect and share with their professional peers.

“Specifically, members told us they want a confidential and safe space in which to network with other members that transcends geographic boundaries. We took this feedback on board and we’re pleased to launch FPA Community, the new online forum for FPA members.”

The FPA Community platform lets members share their views on topical issues, pose and answer questions, and get feedback from other members. It provides a convenient, accessible space to connect with other members anytime, anywhere.

“Of course nothing beats connecting in person, and the FPA offers over 100 events across Australia each year, including the National Roadshow and annual FPA Professionals Congress,” said Mr De Gori.

“However, we know that our members have never been busier and taking time out of their week to attend events can be challenging for some. We also have remote FPA members spread right across Australia who may have trouble travelling. So FPA Community provides an easy and convenient way to communicate and share with other members online when it suits each member best.”

FPA Community is available at, and is accessible from all types of devices – computer, tablet and mobile. Members can use their existing member login to start or join a discussion, ask a question, and share views.

There will be a variety of online groups for members to choose from and join. For example, each FPA Chapter will have its own group so members can connect with local members, and groups will also be centred around special interest topics.

Members can create their profile, add their photo and also personal message other FPA members who are on FPA Community. Once members have joined a discussion, notifications will go direct to their email inbox and they can reply and respond to discussions simply by replying by email.

“At this year’s Congress we encourage members to network with fellow Congress delegates, and get in touch with them directly by accessing the list of delegates on FPA Community. They’ll be able to view and download workshop presentations and notes from Congress speakers, and take part in discussions on the topics and issues presented at Congress,” added Mr De Gori.

FPA Community will be available to the full FPA membership in early December 2019.