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FPA community offers support to victims of recent disasters

The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) has re-launched its pro bono service to provide free financial advice to Australians affected by the recent natural disasters, including the Queensland and Northern NSW floods and bushfires which have wreaked havoc throughout Tasmania, Victoria and NSW.

Talking about the effect of the recent disasters, Mark Rantall, CEO of the FPA, spoke about the need for support in local communities.

“Many families have had their homes destroyed and their lives severely impacted by these disasters. The FPA community has come together to set up a pro bono service as a way to connect people affected by these crises with a local financial planner who can provide financial advice and help.”

“The service aims to provide professional financial planning assistance to Australians who are financially disadvantaged and who would otherwise not be able to afford financial advice,” Mr Rantall said.

Through the provision of pro bono advice, the FPA seeks to enable Australians in difficult circumstances to more effectively manage change in their personal and working lives.

Victims affected by the recent fires and flood wishing to seek advice regarding their current financial situation can call 1300 626 393 or complete an application form on the FPA website to arrange to speak with a financial planner free of charge for advice on rebuilding their financial strength.

While many members have already signed up to the pro bono service, the FPA encourages more to sign up now to support people in their communities who need it the most.

Mr Rantall concluded by saying that he encouraged all Australians affected by the recent natural disasters to contact the FPA directly. “The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can link you to a local CFP® professional or AFP® professional offering pro-bono advice,” he said.