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FPA committed to supporting the next generation of planners at national event series

The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) is delighted to be hosting the FPA Careers in Financial Planning Event Series in partnership with the leading education provider Kaplan Professional for the second year later this month.

Returning by popular demand, the event will run from 19 March to 7 April 2020 in five cities including Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Parramatta. The event series provides aspiring business, commerce and financial planning tertiary students the opportunity to meet experienced industry professionals, practices and employers.

The evening will provide a chance for both industry professionals and students to network over drinks and canapés and hear from an experienced expert panel who will discuss their tips to building a career in financial planning.

Attendees will also hear from industry experts and leading financial planners on how they develop new talent and retain high performers in the profession.

The event series reflects the FPA’s commitment to leading the development of the next wave of new talent pursuing a career in financial planning through its partnership with Kaplan Professional.

“Although the challenges in the profession have been felt throughout our industry, I continue to be inspired by the enthusiasm and commitment shown by aspiring students as well as the leadership and experience industry professionals continue to exemplify and share with the next generation of financial planners,” FPA Chief Executive Officer Dante De Gori said.

“As the FPA welcomes a new era of financial planning in Australia, these young professionals will ultimately shape the future of our profession for years to come. It is our duty to educate, support and nurture the future leaders of our profession.”

Kaplan Professional Chief Executive Officer Brian Knight said the education provider was delighted to provide its support to the event series.

“Attracting new talent and nurturing the next generation is an opportunity we all need to embrace together as an industry,” he said.

Students are welcome to attend for free using the code FPASTU20.

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