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FPA boosts senior ranks ahead of next phase professionalism push

The FPA has bolstered its senior ranks with a new executive role designed to promote and strengthen the growth of the financial planning profession in Australia.

FPA CEO Mark Rantall has today announced the appointment of respected financial planning executive Tom Reddacliff to the new role of General Manager, Member Growth & Marketing.

With strong financial planning sector credentials, Mr Reddacliff will spearhead a concerted approach to concurrently grow the numbers of professional members and engage more Australians about the difference a professional financial planner can make in their lives.

Mr Reddacliff will primarily focus on working with professional practices, FPA partners and members to further embed the role of professionalism and certification in the financial planning sector.

Mr Rantall said: “The FPA is genuinely excited about the opportunity to attract an executive of Tom’s calibre with a reputation for effecting positive change. Tom is a ‘true believer’ in that his professional record and passion for promoting high quality, client-centric financial planning in Australia is unquestioned.”

Mr Rantall said Tom would join a dedicated executive team backed by a Board determined to drive forward on an enduring professional platform for financial planning and the clients it serves.

Mr Reddacliff said he welcomed the opportunity to help embed and lead the professionalism push, utilising his experience, skills and passion for professionalism.

“A profession must serve the greater good of the community,” he said.

“Other than medicos, no other profession has a more powerful opportunity to achieve this noble purpose. Financial planning is a relatively new profession and has the opportunity ahead to transition into a truly trusted professional discipline.”

Mr Reddacliff said the FPA plays a pivotal role with consumers, the financial planning community and government, and he welcomes the future challenges.

“The next five years offer tremendous challenge but also great opportunity in financial planning. It’s a profession that gives consumers and their families the financial confidence to achieve a full range of goals in their life.

“The more people on this journey, the better outcome for our society,” he said.

Mr Rantall concluded: “The timing for Tom’s appointment is significant. The combination of consumer demand, regulatory shifts and the FPA’s unique certification and professional framework provides a springboard to truly consolidate professionalism in financial planning.”