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FPA announces impending Money & Life website launch

The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) has announced it will soon launch Money & Life, an online destination designed to help Australians improve their financial wellbeing.

The site will offer regular content that empowers and educates Australians with up-to-date information, practical tips and inspiring real life stories to help them manage their finances.
Money & Life will also give consumers the opportunity to sign up to receive regular email newsletters, to help readers build their financial literacy, and eventually take the next step and find an FPA member through the FPA’s Find a Planner tool, which already generates over 70,000 searches a year.

FPA CEO Dante De Gori CFP® said, “The financial planning landscape is complex and challenging for many Australians to navigate. Money & Life will provide readers with easy to understand, relatable and practical information to help them take control of their financial future. We see this as a first step for those not yet ready to seek professional financial advice.”

“We are deeply committed to raising consumer awareness on behalf of our members. This new initiative will deliver on our LASER 2020 strategic priority to connect with consumers, and raise the level of trust in financial planners. Ultimately, we hope Money & Life will help grow the demand for financial planning in Australia.”

For FPA members and other financial planning professionals, Money & Life will also offer content on strategy, practice management, professional and business growth, with exclusive features for FPA members. FPA members will also have the opportunity to submit content for the site and raise their profile as financial planning experts.”

“We will be launching Money & Life very soon. Stay tuned.” Added Mr. De Gori.