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FPA and Challenger award retirement planning scholarships

The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA), in conjunction with Challenger, have today awarded five scholarships for FPA members to study retirement planning at UNSW Australia.

The initiative was announced earlier this year at the FPA National Roadshow that focused on current regulatory reform and retirement income.

Mark Rantall, CEO of the FPA, said the scholarships were one of many initiatives the FPA had undertaken to support FPA members in furthering their education.

“We represent a community of professionals that is passionate about improving the lives of their clients, through professional financial advice.

“We believe that education and continual learning plays a central role in raising standards in financial planning and achieving the best possible client outcomes. We are committed to supporting members in all areas, whether it be through comprehensive study support for the CFP® certification program, or through our annual program of continued professional development.

“Our recently concluded Financial Planning Week revealed retirement and superannuation were at the top of Australians’ primary financial concerns. Unsurprisingly, people aged 55+ were the most engaged during the week, but it was encouraging to see that the appetite for financial advice spans across different demographic groups, including young people.

“As the Australian population continues to age, it is important that financial planners are equipped to provide the best possible retirement advice.”

Paul Rogan, Challenger Chief Executive, Distribution Marketing and Research said “This course is purpose-built and the first of its kind for advisers seeking to better serve the needs of Australia’s fast-growing retirement segment.”

“Retirement advice is increasingly being seen as an area of growth and opportunity requiring specialist advice skills, so continuing professional development for retirement specialists has never been more valuable.

“This trend to retirement advice will continue to be propelled by the uptick in Australians living longer and our ageing population,” Rogan said.

The five scholarship recipients are:

  • Anthony White CFP® – KeyPlay Financial Services
  • Philip Hall CFP® – MyState Wealth Management
  • Mitchell Gallina CFP® – BW Financial Advice
  • Jane Campbell CFP® – Aeran
  • Sharni Tucker CFP® – Life Strategies Financial Services

Recipients will be offered to study the course face-to-face in Sydney, or via distance learning.