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FPA and Cbus sign landmark pilot referral scheme

The FPA has struck a landmark agreement to promote a stronger relationship with Australia’s industry superannuation sector via a pilot professional referral service with the Construction and Building Industry Superannuation Fund (Cbus).

The pilot arrangement culminates months of collaboration between Cbus and the FPA.

It means that FPA Professional Practices that meet select professional and geographic location criteria, may accept referrals of eligible Cbus members seeking professional financial planning services.
David Atkin, Cbus CEO said: “The pilot referral service aims high: allowing Cbus members access to professional financial planning services delivered by a CFP® practitioner operating within an FPA Professional Practice.

“This is an exciting step. And we look forward to rolling out the initial pilot scheme to Cbus members in Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. Pending the outcome of this initial phase, there is strong potential for the programme to become a national scheme for all eligible Cbus members.

“I congratulate the FPA for its foresight in driving its professional mission, and we welcome the ongoing collaboration with the FPA to ensure the ongoing success of this joint initiative.”

Cbus represents over 700,000 industry and general public members, and serves some 80,000-employer groups.

Mark Rantall, FPA CEO said: “This is a significant and healthy step in the right direction for the financial planning profession. It’s a practical example of the ongoing joint dividend that flows from choosing professionalism: good for Australian investors, good for the professionals who serve them.

“FPA thanks Cbus and its Board for the confidence in choosing to entrust its members to the safe hands of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals operating within the FPA Professional Practice network.”

Mr Rantall said the opening of collaborative pathways with Australia’s industry superannuation sector augurs well for the ongoing future of all Australians and the professional CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® practitioners who serve them.