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Financial Planning Week addresses financial topics close to our hearts

The questions financial planners are most asked, as well as the most debated topics from last year’s Financial Planning Week will form the basis of the key areas for discussion during this year’s Financial Planning Week.

Financial Planning Week, an initiative by the FPA, will run nationally from 26th August to 1st September. Mark Rantall, CEO of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), said that part of the aim was to build on the work the FPA community had done to transform financial planning into a trusted and respected profession.

“The FPA has always sought to promote the take-up of financial advice by helping Australians identify professional financial planners, and we hope that Financial Planning Week will encourage even more Australians to seek trusted financial advice.”

The FPA listened to questions asked by the public in last year’s Financial Planning Week and spoke with members about topics most popular with clients to list the top five topics which will form the basis of discussion and interaction during this year’s Financial Planning Week.

  1. Retirement (Monday)
    Making your money last, aged care, self-funding retirement, income streams and Centrelink entitlements.
  2. Saving (Tuesday)
    Children’s’ education, holidays, saving for a home, children’s’ weddings and other expected and unexpected events.
  3. Super and Investments (Wednesday)
    Accumulating and consolidating super, general wealth, shares and managed investments, different types of super funds, including SMSFs
  4. Debt (Thursday)
    Debt management, debt reduction, debt consolidation, cash flow management, loans, budgeting and deductible vs. non-deductible debt
  5. Life Insurance (Friday)
    Life insurance, income protection, disablement, trauma, how much you need, what type of cover, protecting your income, assets and family and considerations associated with family planning (e.g. education costs)

The FPA has chosen some of the most qualified financial planners in Australia to lead the discussion around each of these topics that the public is most interested in. Each qualified practitioner will blog and answer questions relating to their topic of expertise.

Mr Rantall outlined some of the activities on offer during Financial Planning Week.

“One of our most popular initiatives is the ‘Ask an Expert’ online forum,” he said. “It allows all Australians to pose financial questions, no matter how simple or complex, and have them answered by an expert financial adviser.”

“In addition to the online forum on the FPA’s website (, questions can also be posed via Twitter. Questions should be sent to @AustraliaFPA using #AskanExpert,” he explained.

“There will many other materials including case studies available through our website. and we would encourage everyone to have a look and engage with our financial advisers. And if you are looking to find a reputable adviser, the Find-A-Planner directory, will help you to find one in your area.”

Mr Rantall concluded by saying that he hoped all Australians would find something of assistance in the topics to be discussed during Financial Planning Week.

“We are covering a broad range of financial issues, so we would encourage everyone to engage via our website, blogs and to take advantage of the other information of offer. Trusted financial advice can help achieve better outcomes for all of us, so make sure you educate yourself and take advantage of Financial Planning Week,” concluded Rantall.