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Financial Planning Research Journal announces Research Excellence Awards

The Financial Planning Education Council (FPEC) and editors of the Financial Planning Research Journal (FPRJ), published by Griffith University on behalf of the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA), are pleased to announce the winners of the FPRJ Awards for 2019-20.

The awards are part of ongoing initiatives by the FPA to provide a platform for academics to discuss issues around personal financial planning and wealth management.

Suzanne Wagland, Sharon Taylor and Levon Blue were named joint recipients of the Best Paper Award while Dr Diane Johnson from Griffith University was awarded the Early Career Researcher Award and the Conference Travel Award.

FPA CEO Dante De Gori CFP® said “The Financial Planning Research Journal contributes original, peer-reviewed research to aid understanding of the practice and policy of financial planning in Australia.

“We congratulate Dr Johnson, Suzanne Wagland, Sharon Taylor and Levon Blue on their outstanding work. These awards are a testimony to the high calibre of Australian research and will help inform the future direction of the financial services industry,” Mr De Gori said.

The Early Career Researcher Award sponsored by the Academy of Financial Services USA (AFS), with thanks to HSBC recognises a researcher early in their career who has made outstanding contributions to research in financial planning in Australia. This year’s recipient Dr. Johnson is invited to present at the 2020 AFP Annual Conference.

“It is very exciting to get an early career award at 48. Every profession needs a body of knowledge and the more evidence-informed champions of trusted advice we can bring into academia and continue to grow in the profession can lead to lasting positive impact for more Australians through citizen-centric advice,” said Dr Diane Johnson, lecturer and researcher at Griffith University.

“I’m hoping to use the award money to shine a spotlight on a First Nations researcher and celebrate the value of diversity in research.”

For the first time, the Best Paper Award, sponsored by Morningstar Canada, was awarded to two recipients this year – Suzanne Wagland, Sharon Taylor and Levon Blue.

Each of the winning award teams will receive $1,500 to promote a global perspective on research in Financial Planning for the benefit of the profession and the general public.

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