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Financial Planning Education Council announces the winners of the 2020 Financial Planning Academic Research Grants

The Financial Planning Education Council (FPEC) has announced Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and University of South Australia (UniSA) as the two winners of the 2020 FPEC Academic Research Grants.

Established by the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) in 2011, FPEC is an independent body chartered with raising the standard of financial planning education and promoting financial planning as a distinct learning area and a career of choice.

The FPEC Academic Research Grants are sponsored by the FPA and MLC Advice. It recognises those that have demonstrated a commitment to support the development of financial planning as an academic discipline.

The 2020 grant recipients are:

  • Dr Elisabeth Sinnewe and her team from QUT for her research project ‘Developing healthy financial habits in young adults: Investigating the relationship between financial literacy, engagement with finances and financial decision-making’.
  • Professor Chandra Krishnamurti and his team from UniSA for his research project ‘Financial advice regulatory reform: impacts on cost of provision and lower socio-economic consumer groups’ access to advice’.

Each grant recipient will receive $10,000 to support research that helps to further grow relationships between the tertiary sector and the financial planning profession.

FPA CEO Dante De Gori CFP® said: “We congratulate QUT and UniSA on their outstanding work. Academic research continues to be valuable to the profession, with many projects resulting in papers being published in the Financial Planning Research Journal.”

QUT grant recipient, Dr Elisabeth Sinnewe said: “It is important for our young people to start off on the right financial path. Our objective is to understand how to improve the financial habits of young people just starting out in their careers.”

UniSA grant recipient, Professor Chandra Krishnamurti said “We thank FPEC, the FPA and MLC Advice for supporting this timely independent and scholarly review of the impact of regulatory reform on the cost of and access to financial advice”.

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