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Financial literacy for women at the heart of new partnership

The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) today reinforced their commitment to improving the financial future of Australians by announcing a partnership with the not-for-profit social enterprise, 10thousandgirl.

Created in 2009, 10thousandgirl runs educational programs aimed at improving the financial literacy and economic health of women, particularly in regional areas.
According to FPA CEO, Mark Rantall, the FPA will play an integral role in one of 10thousandgirl’s major initiatives, the 2015-17 Regional Women’s Financial Literacy project due to kick off in July this year.

The project includes a series of 12 webinars and 16 workshops held in regional areas covering money management including the differences between debt and credit, the importance of life insurance, maximising superannuation and investing in shares and property.

“Understanding financial concepts and the principles of investing is a really important first step, but the reality is that the project will deliver so much more. It gives women the tools they need to create a life plan and achieve the financial future they want by taking charge of their finances now.

“This is something the FPA advocates for all Australians, men and women,” Mr Rantall said.

The FPA’s commitment to the project consists of subsidising 20 FPA members to participate in the regional workshops, where they will share their financial skills and expertise with women participants. All
participants will complete a personal financial review, and FPA advisers will discuss key investing principles and participate in a Q&A session as part of a panel of financial service professionals.

In return, participating financial advisers will be designated a 10thousandgirl ‘trusted adviser’. They will be listed in the online directory of Australia’s top 100 trusted advisers for women, and will be actively promoted in a variety of ways via 10thousandgirl’s network.

10thousandgirl CEO Zoe Lamont said the partnership would enable workshop and webinar attendees to connect with financial planners in their towns.

“Our goal is to provide women with the tools to become financially empowered; be debt free, actively investing, have sufficient insurance and superannuation. For some women, getting professional advice will play a role in this.

Mr Rantall said that he hoped that FPA member advisers in regional areas will apply to participate in the workshops, but that places available will depend on regional demand and coverage.

“We would encourage any interested CFP® professionals or Financial Planner AFP® based in regional Australia to contact 10thousandgirl to find out more about the project,” he said.

Mr Rantall concluded by saying that he was really pleased to be partnering with a social enterprise, like 10thousand girl, which is reaching out to women in regional areas, who have not traditionally had ready access to quality financial advice.

“Professional financial advice changes lives, and we are proud to be working with an organisation whose aims and objectives are so closely aligned with those of the FPA,” Mr Rantall said.