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For everyday Australians, financial advice has never looked so good

The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) would like to announce that James Trethewie, ex Bachelorette contestant, is now a Celebrity Guest Contributor to the FPA Money & Life website. Much to the disappointment of viewers, “Tarzan with a calculator”, as dubbed by Bachelorette Sophie Monk, did not make it through to the final three.

James is a Financial Planner AFP® member of the FPA and has been practicing as a professional financial planner for many years. He was inspired to join the profession by his dad who is also a financial adviser.

Dante De Gori CFP®, FPA CEO, said: “We are excited that James has decided to use his post-Bachelorette profile to help people with matters of money and life. He is partnering with Australia’s largest and most respected financial planning professional association, and as a guest contributor will be authoring articles, providing tips and advice regularly.

“The FPA is pleased to give James a platform to use his experience and legacy as a professional financial planner to help as many Australians as he can to fulfill their dreams.”

Money & Life seeks to empower and educate Australians with an exciting mix of fresh information, practical tips and inspiring real life stories to help them manage their finances. The site explores a wide variety of topics including how to grow your wealth, manage family and life events, prepare for life after work, and provide advice on how to use a financial planner.

Upcoming stories by James to look out for on Money & Life include:

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