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CFP Certification opens doors to more opportunities

Enrolment for the second intake of 2012 in the Certified Financial Planner® Certification Program closes on July 13, 2012.


Enrolment for the second intake of 2012 in the Certified Financial Planner® Certification Program closes on July 13, 2012.

World-renowned, the CFP designation is shared by 5,500 Australian professional financial planners and 130,000 peers globally.

Mark Rantall, CEO of FPA said: “Amid some uncertainty surrounding financial planners with the FoFA reforms, the CFP designation has stood firm as the global standard representing the highest professional standards in financial planning today.”

”Feedback we receive from FPA members is that an increasing number of clients expect their planner to hold the CFP mark. There is recognition in the market that the designation is a real standard for excellence and expertise.

Financial planners agree that the CFP credential opens the door to more opportunities. Recent research from Investment Trends shows that 67% of financial planners believe the CFP designation has a positive influence on their reputation, and 41% believe it has a positive influence on their business growth prospects.

“We encourage financial planning practitioners to take up their certification journey as it demonstrates to clients that they embrace the highest standards and accountability of their profession.”

The CFP Certification Program is comprised of the Four E’s, being Ethics, Education, Examination and Experience. The program can be completed over a four-year period.

To enrol in the CFP Certification Program, individuals must:

·         Hold either an approved Bachelors or a Masters degree

·         Hold Authorised Representative or representative status with an Australian Financial Services Licensee (AFSL), and

·         Be employed in a position that satisfies the definition of ‘approved practitioner experience’.

Sitting alongside the CFP designation are two further specialist designations – LRS® Life Risk Specialist and AEPS® Accredited Estate Planning Strategist. Together, these three designations are complementary and, currently, there are only four FPA practitioners in Australia who hold all three marks.

Sean McGowan CFP® is one FPA practitioner who has achieved all three designations:

“Financial planning is a continuous process of discovery and applying your knowledge and skills. New strategies occur all the time, and of course, you need to keep on top of legislation,” he said.

“That’s why ongoing education is so important in our profession. By doing these additional designations, you’re improving your own learning and understanding of the financial planning process. Then you can improve outcomes for your clients, which is a sure measure of professional success.”

More information and enrolment in the CFP Certification Program can be made through the FPA website at