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Australians eager to find expert financial guidance

Financial Planning Week provides valuable consumer focus

The Financial Planning Association’s (FPA) Financial Planning Week has proved to be successful in increasing consumer awareness about the positive difference sound financial advice can make, with thousands of consumers accessing the tools available on the new consumer website.

The FPA initiative, which was held last week (20-26 August), aimed to encourage, educate and empower Australians to address their financial situation, and highlight the importance of seeking professional financial advice.

As part of Financial Planning Week, the FPA launched several tools for consumers looking to gain more understanding about financial planning. In just one week, the tools have had an overwhelming response from consumers, receiving:

FPA CEO, Mark Rantall, believes the large amount of consumers accessing these tools is proof that Australians are willing to improve their financial literacy and address their financial situation.

“Having such a large number of visitors to the website in only one week reveals Australians are eager for this information,” said Mr Rantall.

“If we want to change behaviours and help Australians make better decisions about their financial future we need to make sure they have access to the right information. The tools the FPA has created were designed to provide clarity and simplicity for consumers around the financial planning process.

“Recent research findings show that almost half of Australians say they have made no preparations for getting older and hadn’t thought about it[1] so the importance of seeking financial advice from qualified, professional financial planners has never been so relevant.

“The FPA, and our 10,000 members, are committed to helping Australians discover the benefits of sound financial advice and we view the tools as an important means of achieving this.”