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Ask an Expert Week aims to improve access to financial advice

The Financial Planning Association’s (FPA) inaugural Ask an Expert Week, commencing today, is an opportunity for Australians to get their finances in order at the beginning of a New Year.

The national event is a week-long initiative (21 January – 27 January) held by the FPA to improve access to financial advice for all Australians.

FPA CEO, Mark Rantall, believes that January is a great time for Australians to review their finances.

“For many of us, the New Year is a time to make positive changes to important parts of lives. Alongside our family and our health, our wealth is very important to our overall wellbeing. Therefore, Ask an Expert Week was set up to encourage Australians to improve their financial situation and support them in doing so. Through the website and twitter, qualified financial planners are on hand to provide advice on those financial questions,” Mr Rantall said.

“Research shows that people with a dedicated financial planner are more likely to feel financially secure and are more confident in dealing with their greatest financial concerns than those without.1 However only two in five Australians currently receive qualified financial advice. We believe this needs to change in order to improve the financial well-being of the population.”

Through the Financial Planning Week initiative, the FPA has witnessed a growth in the number of consumers interested in trying out financial advice, and decided to provide a safe forum for people to seek this information via Ask an Expert Week and its associated tools.

“There are various reasons people do not seek advice on their finances. Some feel that financial advice is something that only High Net Worth individuals can access, others are simply not aware of the value advice can add and some just don’t know where to look. January’s Ask an Expert Week is the perfect opportunity for every Australian to test out trusted financial advice and reap the benefits,” Mr Rantall said.

During Ask an Expert Week, there are various tools available to consumers:

Mr Rantall concluded: “No matter what stage of life someone is at or what financial goals they are working towards, seeking sound financial advice from a qualified, professional financial planner can help you achieve those goals and Ask an Expert Week is the perfect time for Australians to review their financial situation, and take full advantage of the new tools available.”

1 Source: CoreData Financial Planner Affection Research, September 2011