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14th Annual Financial Planning Week kicks off today

Regardless of age, one thing is for certain – Australians could be doing more to make their financial future look brighter. And often it is about taking some simple steps, setting up good habits and seeking sound advice, rather than having a ton of money or a complex financial plan.

This is the key message the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) is hoping to bring to life this week as it kicks off the 14th annual Financial Planning Week, which will run nationwide from Monday 25 August to Sunday 31 August.

Financial Planning Week is designed to increase Australians’ understanding of what financial advice is and the benefits it can bring. The campaign aims to show consumers that using a financial planner shouldn’t be viewed as an option only for the wealthy.

CEO of the FPA and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, Mark Rantall, said Financial Planning Week is an opportunity to re-focus the discussion about financial advice and to illustrate to consumers that the right advice from a trusted and qualified financial planner can make a positive impact to their financial future.

“Trust is a critical component of financial advice and Australians have the right to know that when they seek financial guidance, they can trust the person they find.

“We are aware that now more than ever, financial planners are in the spotlight. As a result, consumers may feel overwhelmed with information and might not know where to start looking or how to ensure they are receiving quality advice. We want to help them feel confident about being in the driver’s seat; but also empowered about seeking expert advice.

“To make an informed decision on the help they may need, it is essential for consumers to have an understanding of financial advice and how they may benefit from it. That is why the central theme of this year’s Financial Planning Week is ‘back to basics,’ Mr Rantall added.

“The best way to succeed in reaching financial goals is through a plan. Calling on a trusted financial expert to help consumers develop a plan – and sticking to it – can make the difference between success and failure.

“Financial Planning Week is an initiative that helps consumers find the right financial tools and experts to help them achieve their goals.

“Financial planning can involve complexity but what the FPA is aiming to do with Financial Planning Week is have very simple information and tools that anyone can use to better understand how financial planning works.

“These include the free and popular ‘Ask an Expert’ initiative that allows Australians to ask a financial planner whatever burning finance questions they may have.
Financial Planning Week will be centred on the different life-stages, which can dictate various financial needs: young to mid-life, mid-life, pre-retirement and retirement.”

Some of the activities which will take place in Financial Planning Week are:

  • ‘Ask an Expert’ gives all Australians the opportunity to ask their financial questions, no matter how simple or complex, in their own words, and have them answered by an expert financial planner for free. ‘Ask an Expert’ is an online forum on the FPA website.
  • The FPA website will have useful insights, blogs, case studies and other material available, bringing to life the benefits of financial advice.
  • ‘Find-a-Planner’  is a directory of qualified financial planners by area
  • The FPA Twitter handle (@AustraliaFPA) will answer tweets and post links to a range of financial content at