* Digital advice solution for financial advisers * Digital advice solution for Superannuation funds *Cyber security services for advisers, accountants and superannuation funds *public facing client engagement calculators * API integration partnerships with a full range of other fintechs.

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End User Advisers
Advice Process Steps Scope
Benefits Process efficiency
Time saving
Cost Reductions
Cost per user per annum Dependent on modules and number of licences
Time saving per client Midwinter say the range can be up to hours
Cost saving per client Depends on the adviser cost structures and time saving achieved
Integration Open architecture so it can integrate with any software
Website embedding Yes
White labelled Yes
System prerequisite Requires internet access
Single sign on Yes
Data storage 100% cloud based hosted on Amazon Web Services infrastructure within AWS primary data centres in Australia
Privacy standards Midwinter relies on information provided by AWS in the “Using AWS in the Context of Australian Privacy Considerations” document. This document provides information how AWS services operate in the context of key privacy considerations and the Australian Privacy Act 1988, specially how geographic locations where customers can choose to store content and other relevant considerations
Limits on use No user or client restrictions
Disaster recovery and business continuity plans Yes
AFSL approval Too many too list but to name a few – NEO Dover Gold Synchron StatePlus REST CBus Link BT Licensee select Merit Wealth MyPlanner