At the time of survey this application was still in development with a launch imminent.

The intent according to their website: Mafematica is establishing it’s business and will offer choices of core investment portfolios and share portfolios and will link these portfolios to goals based outcomes.

The portfolios will be easy to see and transact on, and be able to be assessed for

  • retirement drawdown forecasting
  • education funding plans and
  • standard ‘Robo-Advice’ (web-based automation of savings plans).

The portfolios will reflect market sectors, themes, and third-party broker’s choices, and be available initially as direct securities and ETFs.

Later, managed funds will be offered.

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End User Consumers and Advisers
Advice Process Steps Goal
Benefits Assisting with investment selection, forecasting and education
Cost per user per annum $500-$999
Time saving per client 1-3 hours per client
Cost saving per client Assessed at $3000 per client
Integration Xplan
Website embedding Yes
White labelled Yes
System prerequisite No
Single sign on Yes
Data storage AWS servers
Privacy standards Australian privacy requirements
Limits on use No
Disaster recovery and business continuity plans Yes
AFSL approval None at time of writing