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FPA Board Elections

The next FPA Board election is due to be held in 2019.

Following the last FPA Board election in 2017 existing directors Marisa Broome CFP® and Delma Newton CFP® were re-elected for a second term and Michelle Tate-Lovery CFP® was elected to the FPA Board for the first time. The term of appointment for these member directors will be three (3) years in accordance with clause 34.1 of the FPA Constitution. A full list of current directors can be viewed here.

The Constitution of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) requires that the FPA calls an election no less than 84 days before the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Eligible members are FPA members in the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional, Financial Planner AFP® and Associate member categories. Eligible members are entitled to be nominated for election, to propose or second nominations and to vote in the election.

Eligible members who are nominated must have renewed their membership for the current financial year. Each nomination requires a proposer and a seconder who must also be eligible members.

The next election due in 2019 is scheduled to be called for three (3) member elected Director positions on the FPA Board. In accordance with the FPA Constitution and the Election Regulations, the two (2) CFP® professionals with the highest number of votes plus the one (1) nominee with the next highest number of votes will be appointed.


For further information on requirements for member directors please see the FPA Board Charter and Code of Conduct and the FPA Member Director Role Description.

Members will be sent an email at least 84 days prior to the 2019 AGM calling for nominations for three new Director positions on the FPA Board. All eligible members able to nominate will be provided with a link to the online nomination form.

The online nomination form is structured to allow FPA members the opportunity to compare candidates, ensuring transparency in the election process. The nomination form comprises the following four questions which each require an answer of no more than 200 words.

  • Your recent active involvement with the FPA via work with Committees/Chapters, outlining your key successes and achievements.
  • Previous Board experience and demonstrated track record as a Director, identifying knowledge of corporate governance, strategic planning and risk management.
  • Financial literacy and history of running a complex business.
  • Your ‘pitch’ to members including (optionally) your contact details.

To complete your nomination form, you will be prompted to confirm the following:

  • That you have read, and agree to abide by the FPA Board Charter and Code of Conduct.
  • That you have read the FPA Member Director Role Description and if elected, will give your commitment to the time required to discharge the role and responsibilities.
  • That you have undertaken appropriate AICD training (or the equivalent). If you do not, that you are willing to undertake this training within the first 12 months of appointment.
  • That you are willing to undergo satisfactory character checks (including police checks, credit checks and FPA professional team checks as to professional conduct).
  • That you are willing to sign the Deed of Access and Indemnity on appointment.

You will also have the facility to upload a small photograph of yourself in jpeg format.

Your application must be seconded by two eligible FPA members who are renewed for the current financial year.

After submitting your application you will be contacted by a member of the FPA Board. They will confirm that you are fully informed about the role and the commitment and responsibilities attached to it.  No nomination will be endorsed.  As a result of member feedback, we no longer provide nominees with membership data for the purposes of campaigning.  You will have an opportunity to amend your nomination prior to voting opening.


Exact dates to be confirmed at the beginning of 2019.

84 days prior to the AGM Nominations open for the  election of Member Directors
70 days prior to the AGM Nominations close for the election of Member Directors
56 days prior to the AGM Voting opens for the election of Member Directors
35 days prior to the AGM Voting closes for the election of Member Directors
To be confimed Advise election results
Annual General Meeting Appointment of Directors
2019 FPA Annual General Meeting

Important documentation

FPA Constitution

Regulation 02/02

FPA Board Charter and Code of Conduct

FPA Member Director Role Description

Deed of Access and Indemnity