FPA Paraplanner of the Year

Application process

Entry requirements
  • Applicant is an FPA member
  • Applicant provides outstanding support for a financial planner or a financial planning department on a daily basis
  • Applicant has a clear compliance record.
The judges are looking for
  • Excellence in paraplanning, including examples of how the individual has made significant improvement to a client’s situation
  • Proven technical and research skills.
Entry process
  • Part 1: Written Submission to be submitted through the FPA Awards online portal – a judging panel will review applications and select finalists
  • Part 2: Finalists to submit additional information to be reviewed by judging panel to determine the winner.*
    * An audit may also be required to take place at the finalist’s place of work as part of the finalist review process.
Written submission requirements

The Written Submission must answer the questions below.

  • Q1. Please provide details of how you work with financial planners and specifically the details of how a piece of advice helped a specific client (max 1000 words)
  • Q2. A testimonial from the financial planner for whom the Statement of Advice (SOA) was prepared.
Required supporting documents
  • Please provide the comprehensive SOA for the client described in your entry. Please delete/change client names and details to protect client anonymity
  • A testimonial from the financial planner for whom the SOA was prepared. SOA to have been completed in 2020 or 2021.
Finalists additional information

The additional information will consist of a copy of the fact find and other data (e.g. research and paraplanning notes) to support the submitted SOA. This will need to be provided from the nominated Paraplanner by Friday 8 October 2021.

Applications are now closed