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It is a platform for discussions that will help inform, educate and illuminate the pathway forward for financial planners as we navigate this period of transformation. The FPA podcast covers a range of topics including policy and reform, practice management and succession planning with much more to come.

The FPA podcast for financial planning professionals delves deep into the important issues facing the financial planning profession and engages with experts on the topics that matter.

Explore FPA Podcast – Conversations about the issues that matter to financial planning professionals.

The FPA Podcast brings together all the top information on latest financial planning policies and practices. Listen to your favourite Podcast episode on the go. Whether you are commuting to work or you are at the gym, you can subscribe and listen to the Podcast anytime on the following channels.

FPA Podcast episode transcripts are available here.

Episode 1Policy and reform in financial planning.
Episode 2Unpacking the Federal Budget.
Episode 3Self-licensing: Is it right for me?
Episode 4FPA policy platform
Episode 5How to create a commercially successful business?
Episode 6Wellbeing of financial planners – this episode is also CPD accredited
Episode 7 Valuing & Selling your business.

Episode 8 Technology

Episode 9Professional Year

Introducing FPA Podcast Paraplanner series

This podcast series is designed especially for paraplanners and shares advice, insights and best practice on topics unique to paraplanners by those who are experts in the field. The series explores technical content, compliance issues, and the role and future career prospects for paraplanners.

Episode 1FPA paraplanner series – compliance & paraplanning

Episode 2FPA paraplanner seriesInterview with FPA’s Ambassador for paraplanning

Introducing FPA Podcast Student Series

Financial planning is a rewarding career which offers a wealth of opportunity to students, career changers. Every day, financial planners help their clients get in control of their finances, become empowered, and achieve their goals. So, how can you become one?

In this series, we’re going to be talking to a number of experts from the industry to answer all of those burning questions you might have about entering the financial planning profession.

Welcome to the Future Financial Planners Podcast!

Whether it’s structuring your degree, starting a professional year or landing that first job, we’re going to cover it all in this 10-part series.

TeaserFPA Student Podcast Series – Welcome to the Future Financial Planners

Episode 1FPA Student Podcast Series – How to best structure your degree

Episode 2FPA Student Podcast Series – The professional year in practice

Episode 3FPA Student Podcast Series -Breaking down the professional year

Episode 4 FPA Student Podcast Series – The Many Careers in Financial Planning

There are many benefits to becoming an FPA Student Member. The best part is – it’s completely free!

Explore the world of financial planning and accelerate your career with the FPA podcast.

The FPA aims to bring the best industry knowledge forward, to educate and update our members.

We’d love to hear from you! If there is a specific topic you would like us to cover on the Podcast series, please send an email to [email protected].