FPA Wellbeing

Free, confidential support for FPA members and affiliates.

FPA Wellbeing is a free, confidential support program for FPA members and affiliates.

It’s been a particularly challenging time for our profession, and more than ever, we encourage you to prioritise your wellbeing.

The person who can have the biggest impact on your health and wellbeing is…well, you! But, with so much information available, it’s hard to know what is reliable or where to begin.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Benestar® to bring you a comprehensive health and wellbeing program to help you feel great and be your best you!

Support available:

  • Personal, confidential support sessions with qualified counsellors or psychologists via phone, Live Chat or face-to-face.
  • Access to a library of health and wellbeing resources available on your mobile via an app, or from your computer or tablet via the website.

To access, simply login to the Member Centre for more details.


Stay safe during the QLD & NSW flood emergency | Major critical incident support

Parts of QLD and NSW are facing catastrophic flooding. If you or someone you know is affected, please make use of the critical incidents and major events resource kit available, which includes information and articles on how to support yourself and others impacted.

Download resource kit

This resource kit contains the following factsheets:

  • Helping employees who have been involved in a critical incident
  • Supporting children after a major event
  • Helping children cope with traumatic stress
  • Common reactions after a major event
  • Coping after a critical incident
  • Tips for supporting family, friends and colleagues
  • Making use of your Best You program after a major event

Benestar have developed a new resource providing practical advice for businesses to support customers following a natural disaster.

Support available for FPA members during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Given the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak, we understand many of you may be experiencing feelings of increased anxiety and distress. While it’s reasonable to be concerned, there are simple and effective steps you can take to help take care of yourself, and the people around you.

Through the FPA Wellbeing program, you can access free, confidential support and resources. We’ve partnered with Benestar to offer FPA members this program. Benestar has also developed resources to help you and your employees during this challenging time. Access the resources below.