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Pro Bono Service

The FPA Pro Bono Service connects FPA members with individuals and families who are in financial distress.


In June 2017, the FPA became involved with Cancer Council’s Pro Bono Financial Planning Referral Service.

The nationally structured referral program will help families affected by cancer, by connecting them with financial planners who can provide their services on a pro bono basis.

By facilitating the provision of these services, the program aims to contribute to the wellbeing of people affected by cancer by reducing stress and financial burden.  We are calling on FPA members to come forward and generously donate their time to assist cancer patients and their families with a wide range of financial issues on a pro bono basis.

These issues may include:

  • Accessing Centrelink benefits
  • Applying for early access to superannuation and attached insurance benefits
  • Developing a strategy for investing lump sum insurance payouts
  • Developing a budget and ensuring regular cash-flow
  • Planning for the financial future of their family.

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From time to time, the FPA is contacted by individuals and families who are in need of some assistance. This might be a result of a natural disaster, illness or another circumstance which has resulted in financial hardship. We are sometimes also contacted by not-for-profit organisations and families looking for financial literacy help.

We invite FPA members who are willing to donate their time to provide pro bono financial advice, to register for the FPA Pro Bono Referral Service. From there, we will be in touch when we receive an enquiry from someone in your area who has requested assistance.

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To participate in the FPA Pro Bono Service, FPA members must:

  • Hold the CFP® designation or Financial Planner AFP® designation.
  • Have completed the registration process successfully.

Once we have confirmed you are registered as a pro bono financial planner, you must provide pro bono advice in accordance with the following conditions:

  • The financial advice will be provided at no cost to the client.
  • The planner will fulfil all the regulatory and professional requirements of providing personal financial advice, as defined under the Financial Services Reform Act and the Corporations Act, and by the FPA’s Code of Professional Practice.
  • Pro bono advice will be given with the same degree of competency, expertise and professionalism and to the same high standard as any other work undertaken for a fee paying client.
  • The planner will refrain from using the pro bono role in any way to promote their financial planning business.


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