2020 FPA Awards 2020 FPA Awards

FPA Financial Planner AFP® of the Year Award

Application process

Entry requirements

  • You hold AFP® practitioner status
  • You provide face-to-face advice on a daily basis to clients
  • You have a clear compliance record

 The judges are looking for individuals who

  • Live the ‘client first’ principle
  • Have made a meaningful and positive difference in the lives of your clients

Entry process

  • Part 1: Written submission to be submitted through the FPA Awards online portal – a judging panel will review the applications and select finalists
  • Part 2: Finalists to present to the judging panel.*
    * An audit may also be required to take place at the finalist’s place of work as part of the finalist review process.

Written submission requirements

The written submission must answer the questions below.

  • Q1. Provide details of how you have made a meaningful positive difference in the lives of three different new or ongoing clients (max 750 words)
  • Q2. Provide details of how you have contributed to the profession over and above your direct financial planning advice (max 500 words).

Required supporting documents

  • Provide one comprehensive Statement of Advice (SOA) which supports your best work in relation to supporting Question 1. Please delete/change client names and details to protect client anonymity. Please be aware that additional SOA’s may be requested at a later stage. SOA to have been completed in 2019 or 2020.
  • Additional documents such as PDF’s, Appendices, Powerpoint presentations, and/or strategy papers which support your application may be uploaded here. Please ensure appendix is separated from the body of the SOA. Working papers can be included.

Finalists’ presentation

The presentation will be conducted during the week commencing 19 October. Finalists will be asked to present one of the SOAs submitted.


To start your application you’ll be prompted to create a log in. Please save and submit your final application by Monday 31 August.

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