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Engaging with students

From financial literacy and capability initiatives, to encouraging a career in financial planning.

promoting financial planning careers to students

series of videos

This video series brings to life a career in financial planning.  Designed for high school and university students, the videos showcase three young planners sharing their career journeys and what they love about their jobs. Use these at university and school visits, add to your website and share on social media.

You can access this video plus others in the member centre.

A career in financial planning brochure

We have developed a brochure to give high school and university students insight into the benefits of being a financial planner and demonstrate where a career in financial planning can take them. You can download the brochure to share with students, teachers and career advisers.

Universities who offer financial planning degrees

For students wanting to know which university courses will best equip them for a future career in financial planning, we have put together a list of financial planning undergraduate university courses that have been approved by the Financial Planning Education Council (FPEC).

Access the university degrees fact sheet in the member centre.


Financial Literacy in schools


Banqer is an online financial education tool that helps teachers deliver financial literacy in an engaging and relevant way to primary school students. The software transforms the classroom into a mini-economy where students transact with one another from their own online bank accounts. From there, they experience budgeting, taxes, super, mortgages and much more.

As an FPA member you are able to support your local primary school to use Banqer and assist them on their financial education journey. This is all achieved at no cost to the school.

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coming soon! High school students: financial life skills presentation

All teenagers need to develop skills to enable them to have financial capability for life, yet they have limited access to financial life skills education. We are developing a presentation to enable you as an FPA member to deliver these skills.


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Members can access the student engagement toolkit in the member centre.

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