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Helping Australians become more aware of the value in seeing a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional


There are many pivotal life stages – changing relationships, education, work, children, investments or retirement – when getting your finances in order makes a dramatic difference to your wellbeing.

During these life stage milestones, the advice from a CFP® professional can help navigate the complexity and provide a clear plan for your financial future.

This is the driving force behind the FPA’s 2019 consumer marketing and communications strategy: we want to ensure all Australians know that it’s better to prepare than repair when it comes to your finances.

In this year’s first phase of our consideration of life stage milestones for consumers, we are focusing on couples in the early to mid-stages of a relationship – be it engaged couples, newlyweds, de-facto, married, same-sex, mixed gender and so on.

The campaign asks couples to consider a new concept, which we’re calling a ‘pronuptial’ or ‘pronup’.


We’re encouraging all couples to forget the Prenup, and focus on a Pronuptial Agreement or Pronup – a term we’ve created to explain the positive step of preparing a financial plan as a couple.

A Pronup is a proactive relationship agreement intended to inspire couples to positively invest in their future by getting a financial plan with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional.

So remember, if you have a client asking about how to get a Pronup, it’s really a code name for a financial plan. A Pronup is designed to spark a conversation with the next generation of clients and help to make financial planning relevant to a younger audience.


This year’s CFP advertising campaign is being rolled out from late April to 30 June 2019.
The campaign will appear across outdoor advertising, extensively in digital and on podcast audio advertising and advertorial. It will target an audience of 25-35 year old Australians in the postcodes that all of our 5,700 CFP professionals are located. The campaign toolkit can be downloaded here.

See campaign timeline here.


The digital campaign will utilise the latest technology to ensure the ads are shown to our audience based on their location, behaviour, interest and demographic information across premium and highly frequented Australian websites relevant to our audience e.g. lifestyle and wedding planning sites. It also includes advertising on Australia’s largest media company for women – Mamamia. 

See examples of the advertising here.

The digital advertising will also include retargeting. This involves showing ads to users who have previously visited the FPA and Money & Life websites, searched for a planner or interacted with our social media.


Outdoor advertising will appear in a mix of metro (70%) and regional (30%) across Australia targeting our 25-35 year old audience in shopping centres and on bus shelters/street furniture. We will have placements in outdoor and retail in more than 480 sites in total, nationally.

See list of outdoor advertising in shopping centres here.

See list of outdoor advertising on street furniture here.

Audio/podcast advertising

We are excited to introduce advertorial and audio/podcast advertising for the 2019 campaign. We will be working with Mamamia to talk to women aged 25-35 about getting a Pronup. We will have 30 second scripted adverts read during popular podcast episodes such as ‘Hitched’ – which focuses on weddings and getting married. We will also have an article written and hosted on the site about the ‘Pronup’ and Mamamia social media posts to amplify the messaging.

Listen to an advert sound clip here.

Connecting consumers with planners

Our advertising campaign drives consumers to the Money and Life site where they’ll read all about getting a Pronup (a financial plan), how it can help them create a better financial future with their partner and why they should choose a CFP professional.

We’ve created a new ebook – Pronup: a plan for staying together – to help consumers understand what a Pronup is, learn different ways to manage finances as a couple and how to find a CFP professional using the new Match My Planner tool.

Match my planner tool

Match My Planner is the new version of FPA’s Find a Planner, our online service to help connect Australians looking for a financial planner. It will connect consumers looking for a planner exclusively with CFP® professionals initially, and then be open to all FPA practitioner members later this year. The matches are based on the consumer’s personal profile of money and life goals, not just location.

This guide will help you understand how the new tool will work for consumers as well as CFP professionals.

get started with Match my planner

First, you’ll need to download the Match My Planner app from the Apple iTunes/Google Play app store on your smart phone or tablet. Simply search for ‘Match My Planner’.

You will receive a notification on your app when a consumer has filled in the form via the web tool and it matches your location.


Two ways:

  1. To make things easy, Match My Planner uses your current planner profile on the existing Find a Planner tool. Make sure your profile profile includes a photo of you, description of your services and your current business address. Follow these instructions to update your profile.
  2. The app works on a “first come, first serve” basis. When you receive an app notification, the quicker you respond, the greater your chance to connect with a potential new client. Each consumer notification will indicate how many planners they like to hear from – whether it’s just one or up to five.

Would you like any further information or assistance? We’re here to help – please email us at [email protected]

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