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Helping Australians become more aware of the value in seeing a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional

“Everyone deserves a CFP®” consumer campaign

This year, we are launching a brand new campaign designed to promote the benefits of financial advice by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional, demonstrating what a CFP® professional can do for everyday Australians.

The advertising creative includes a different message targeting key lifestyle goals among 35-65 year old Australians, including: ‘A CFP® helped us save for her future’; ‘A CFP® helped me pay off my home’; ‘A CFP® helped us to travel the world’ and; ‘A CFP® helped me start my dream business’.


When and where

This year the major advertising campaign includes outdoor advertising and print advertising. The outdoor advertising will be predominantly run in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart. In regional areas we will roll out a robust print advertising campaign across 51 publications nationwide.

View the ad schedule.

National reach

The campaign will be seen across 51 newspapers and across outdoor advertising in the major capital cities. Outdoor advertising will reach over 9.5M Australians and the print campaign will reach an additional 2.5M.

Ad Campaign Toolkit

The Ad Campaign Toolkit includes resources to help you make the most of the campaign, including social media images and example posts, along with examples of how you can proudly display the sign of good advice.

Included in the toolkit is the Good Advice lock-up (shown below), which we encourage you to use on your email signatures and business cards. The toolkit also contains our advertising artwork and a downloadable consumer brochure. Hard copies of the brochures are available to CFP® professionals by emailing [email protected].

CFP_Sign of good advice_email signature

Download the Ad Campaign Toolkit here (you will need your FPA Member ID and password).