Flood emergency support

As storms and flood waters recede in the east of the country, many people are struggling during this difficult time. Register your interest in our Flood Emergency Pro Bono Program.

Volunteer to offer pro bono advice

The process once the floods have receded for the many Australians affected will be to clean up and rebuild and for many, this will have significant financial pressures.

The FPA is looking to establish a pro bono program where members can volunteer their time to help Australians impacted by the floods to help rebuild financially.

Financial planners involved in this pro bono program will be matched with individuals who have been directly impacted by the floods and who are in need of financial advice including matters relating to insurance, debt management, investments, superannuation and more.

If you are interested in helping to be part of the Flood Emergency Pro Bono Program please email us for more information.

Volunteer for practical support

Our grateful thanks go to the many FPA members who have already been able and willing to help in flood-affected areas. 

A number of members have shared with us their personal accounts and have asked for those who are able to provide practical support in the recovery efforts to do so via donations and the provision of essential services and cleaning. 

Please email us and share how you would like to assist and we’ll endeavour to connect you with local members.

Supporting FPA members impacted by floods

Please also remember that FPA members can access free, confidential support via FPA Wellbeing. We have partnered with Benestar to offer this service to individual members. You can access support by telephone on 1300 360 364, face to face or online. Register for a new account using our Company ID: FPA and Token: FPA01.

If you need support or would like guidance on how to help someone you know who may be struggling, please do access the service today.

Plus, to help you and your clients navigate the Government support available to individuals and businesses, head to our FPA Community posts for QLD flood assistance and NSW flood assistance information that we’ve collated.

Download support resources

As part of FPA Wellbeing, there is a critical incident and major events resource kit available, which includes information and articles on how to support yourself and others impacted. This kit has been produced by Benestar.