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Yield Financial Planning

Company Yield Financial Planning
Address Suite 14
333 Canterbury Road
Canterbury, VIC 3126
Phone 03 9819 0699
Email [email protected]

As a Financial Planner, I consider it a privilege to have helped 100’s of people to achieve the retirement, lifestyle and financial goals that are important to them; and I continue to focus my business so that it has the capacity to help many more people achieve the same.

This is why I founded Yield Financial Planning in 2006; on a mission to personalise financial solutions that add real value to our clients lives.

My expertise includes providing advice and helping my clients to:
1. Retire with Confidence and Peace of mind knowing that they are secure financially;
2. Take control of their super, using Self Managed Super Funds; and
3. Make more informed Property decisions using our Proven strategic approach.

When I started out in my career in 2000, I had lofty ideals about achieving early Retirement and I was attracted to Financial Planning because of the synergies I could gain personally, while helping people achieve their own objectives along the way.

Now – half way through my working life, my attitude to Retirement and money has evolved immensely and my role as a Retirement Specialist, has taken on new meaning for me. I’ve realised that money in Retirement is not just about what you can do with it, but its also about the sense of security it can provide, by not having to worry about it.

In February 2017 Yield was privileged to be selected as an FPA Professional Practice. Chosen for our high Professional and Ethical standards.

More recently, I was honoured to be awarded as one of 3 National Finalist’s for the FPA's Certified Financial Planner of the year 2018.

If you would like to know more about how you can achieve the lifestyle you aspire to, feel free to personally message me.

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