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Tristan Scifo, AFP®

Name Tristan Scifo AFP®
Company Purpose Advisory
Address Unit 9 17-27 Power Avenue
Alexandria, NSW 2015
Phone 0403 956 469

Our practice is resourced with powerful and simple to understand tools for helping our clients build confidence and increase their level of personal fulfillment in their lives.My expertise is in education, coaching and strategic analysis; so my clients benefit from having a trusted adviser who is able to guide them throughout their financial life and empower them to make sound decisions which align with their values.My approach is collaborative. I work closely with a range of external business partners in the fields of finance, property investment, law, personal development, health and social services. If you have your own team, I take the time to get to know these and work with them, otherwise I can equip you with a team of professionals you can draw upon for any of the challenges life throws.People often meet with me at first because of something specific they need help with, but they stay with us because of the power of the relationship we build with them and because of the things we teach them and guide them through which they wouldn't have known or attempted without our support.I have a passion for strong marriages, for values aligned lifestyles and for ethical investments. In all I do, my focus is to help my clients to lead a more fulfilling purpose-driven life.I am willing to sit down for a drink with anyone who would lend me 1-2 hours of their time. We'll get to know each other, identify where you stand, what are your risks and opportunities, and I'll help you to build a a plan for the way forward. If there is more I can do you for beyond our first meeting, I can quote you a fee for any further advice I can offer, and/or refer you to the right people to take you to the next step.I look forward to meeting you.

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