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Travis Martin, CFP®

Name Travis Martin CFP®
Address Ground Floor 24 Kings Park Rd
West Perth, WA 6005
Phone 08 93804844

I am a financial advisor working with clients year-in year-out to maximise the probability of them achieving their financial goals.My role is not to just help clients get the best super fund, or the best investment, or the best insurance, but it is my job to help my clients make better decisions with their money, so that they have greater certainty in their financial lives.I spend a great deal of time understanding my clients various complexities, and getting to know what is truly important to them. By doing this, I am better able to better manage the outcomes my clients desire, and can keep them accountable to what they are really trying to achieve in their financial lives.I seek to maximize the probability of our clients achieving their financial goals, by pulling together the various strategies within their financial world, to ensure they are all working in harmony. As a fee for service adviser, my clients interests are always placed at the forefront of any advice I give. I provide the leadership, direction, expertise and capabilities, so that year-in year-out, we are able to take every financial concern off our client’s plate, and ensure they are continually working towards their financial goals.

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