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Timothy Bone, CFP®

Name Timothy Bone CFP®
Address 3 Beakey Close
Petrie, QLD 4502
Phone 412192327

Tim Bone, has been a financial planner for 25 years. He has helped many clients gain an understanding of their present goals and future direction. “An advisers role is just that…to advise. We have to use our knowledge, our understanding of the client and all of the tools at our disposal to help clients understand the impact of the bad times on their planning, while tempering the over enthusiasm that comes with the good times.”Tim has provided tailored solutions to clients from all walks of life and believes that a good Financial Planner needs to be a good facilitator. Tim’s network of professional contacts allows him to put the right person in front of clients for the right task. “I have a personal view that each professional has a role to play in delivering the right strategy to a client. If we each “hang our egos at the front door” and work together, then as a team we will achieve more for a client than we will as individuals”.He has experience providing personalised strategic advice to clients on;Wealth accumulation

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