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Simon Rogers, CFP®

Name Simon RogersCFP®
Company Crestone Wealth Management
Address Level 11 Waterfront Place
1 Eagle Street
Brisbane, QLD 4000
Phone +61 7 3918 3613
Mobile +61 405 420 713

Investment markets are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous and every client’s circumstances are unique. My clients enjoy truly bespoke investment advice in pursuit of their objectives.

My clients include charitable foundations, wealthy families, NFP organisations, medical specialists, successful business owners, senior executives and entrepreneurs. As experts in their own fields, my clients value specialist expertise in investment strategy.

I assist my clients to consider and articulate their hopes and fears, their non-negotiable objectives and constraints. I then identify the prevailing investment risks and opportunities before formulating a compatible investment strategy with resilience, agility and flexibility at its core.

Once set, regular review is essential. A well managed investment strategy, like a well tended garden, requires constant attention, planting, pruning and weeding.

This is the essence of private wealth investing and what distinguishes it from institutional money management.

A little about me:

As an undergraduate, I completed a degree in Genetics. This included a deep exposure to the mathematics used to investigate complexity and uncertainty. This was to prove invaluable later on.

After graduation I was keen to get out of the lab and to serve the community so I joined the Police and went on to investigate serious crime for a decade, first in London and then in Brisbane. I operated mostly in tactical crime squads so I draw upon significant life experience and a mindset for managing risk in pursuit of an objective.

Along the way, I became fascinated by financial analysis and investment and decided that the investment profession would be my ultimate destination. I read and studied all that I could on the subject, eventually completing a Master's Degree in Applied Finance.

Since 2007, I have helped successful, discerning clients grow, protect and distribute their wealth within a tailored strategic framework.

I live in Brisbane with my wife and four sons.

Think about what is really important to you or your organisation and seek expert advice to achieve it.

Simon Rogers
BSc(Hons), MAppFin, F FIN, CFP®
Chartered Wealth Manager

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