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Sandra (Sandy) Elliss, AFP®

Name Sandra (Sandy) Elliss AFP®
Company Elliss Wealth Protection PL
Address 4/4 George St
Manly, NSW 2095
Phone 02 9332 2329

This is why I love what I do!"Hi Sandy, It was a very very easy recommendation - not sure you will ever realise how good you were to me at a time I was just about hanging on! So thank YOU!"LxI am passionate about your wealth and health. - Making a significant difference in my clients lives - helping my clients achieve their goals with tax and cash-flow effective strategies - helping create certainty and financial freedom in retirement - helping when they need it most at claim timeMy clients know I have their best interests in mind.After many years in the financial industry and obtaining my Chartered Accountancy Qualifications I found I wanted to help my clients in a more meaningful and personal way helping them to achieve their personal dreams and goals.Maintaining close relationships with clients is essential to comprehensive advice. I am passionate about the importance of looking after your health foremost and developing daily rituals for health and wealth. Live these key values and your wealth will follow. Fundamental to wealth creation is a safety net of insurance, until you have a reliable source of passive income and sufficient assets to self insure. Financial experience 20+ years, incl Accountancy (Price Waterhouse & Schroders Aust), Private Banking & Commercial Lending (Investec). Clarification of your goals and increasing your financial education I help you to make better decisions to achieve your goals sooner and with less risk of not achieving your goals. I am passionate about helping divorcees with their finances at an intensely difficult time in their lives, when they are feeling overwhelmed and need support. Being divorced myself, I know how I felt when my life was turned upside down and the struggle to manage all the moving parts made decision making difficult.My goal is to put the needs of divorcees first and to provide support to attain a sense of control and to feel more confident by making smart financial decisions that will make a big difference on their new journey.Our health is something most of us take for granted. I know I did. I now fully appreciate how important our health is to ourselves, our families and our financial freedom. I consider myself very fortunate (and grounded) to have lived overseas and offered the opportunity to care for children in orphanages. This experience was incredibly rewarding and humbling, I gained so much more than I was able to give.I feel it is all of my experiences that my clients relate to, which in turn helps to build our relationship and trust necessary to achieve their goals.If you would like to know where your current strategy is taking you, contact me for an obligation free initial meeting in our CBD, North Sydney or Mona Vale office.

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