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Robert Gothard, CFP®

Name Robert Gothard CFP®
Company Strive Wealth Solutions
Address Shop 4
10-18 Robertson Street
Sutherland, NSW 2232
Phone 02 9501 1771

Our Advisory Services
Helping you Create, Manage and Preserve your Personal Wealth.

It’s all about You;
• You, taking control
• You, setting your own Agenda
• You, having a Plan to Achieve Personal Financial Success

Personal Financial Success is unique for each person – what is Personal Financial Success to you?

We assist our clients Create, Manage and Preserve Personal Wealth.

Our clients Succeed on Purpose, as opposed to by Accident.

Our Advisory process will assist you to;
• Discover what Personal Financial Success is to you
• Understand your current situation and the path you are tracking
• Set plans to Achieve the Personal Financial Success you desire via;
• Leadership, Coaching, Guidance and Counsel
• Personal Financial Strategy Design and Implementation
• Investment Strategy Design and Implementation

We will travel the journey with you to give you the best chance of Achieving the Personal Financial Success you desire.

We can assist with all aspects of your financial life including:
• Mortgage broking services
• Personal Protection Insurance strategies
• Superannuation
• Investment management
• Tax Planning
• Estate Planning
• Redundancy advice
• Remuneration packaging strategies
• Wealth Creation & Wealth Preservation strategies
• Retirement Income Strategies

Your journey starts with the first step.

When you are ready to take control, set your own agenda and Create, Manage and Protect Personal Wealth on purpose... contact us.

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