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Patricia Garcia, CFP®

Name Patricia Garcia CFP®
Company Your Vision Financial Solutions
Address 6/273 Abbotsford Rd
Bowen Hills, QLD 4006
Phone 07 3252 3600

I am passionate and committed to providing holistic financial planning advice to help my clients achieve their goals and lifestyle choices with emphasis on cash flow and asset management as well as client education. I believe that providing financial advice is not about the product, but about developing strategies that are tailored to the clients’ situation, needs and objectives.The majority of our clients are wealth accumulators who we guide towards setting an achievable budget, minimising debt and building assets and income streams for short, medium and long-term goals. The key is always the goals, we start from here and then reverse engineer the most appropriate strategy for them based on their personal and financial situation. Our progress meetings are then their family business meetings where we put the facts on the table, review their progress to date and provide the required tools to help them with their decision making process.I love being able to help people think about their goals and dreams so that we can put plans and strategies in place to help them achieve what is really important to them. It is such an amazing experience to show someone how they can save significant amounts of money by simply changing the way they do things and how they can make so much more and achieve their goals by putting a plan in place.

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