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Noll Moriarty, CFP®

Name Noll Moriarty, CFP®
Company Archimedes Financial Planning Pty Ltd
Address 3 / 1315 Gympie Rd
Aspley, QLD 4034
Phone 07 38631846
Email [email protected]

Archimedes Financial Planning is a boutique business providing holistic planning advice to white-collar professionals, SMSF trustees and SME business owners. Business focus is on quality comprehensive advice to a limited number, currently around 90, of Australian citizens/PR located throughout Australia and internationally. The current growth rate is likely to result in a doubling of business size in next 3-4 years.

The business unique process is based on relevant applications of the sophisticated risk management techniques of the petroleum industry using expertise of Noll Moriarty who worked for 20 years, 8 of which at executive management level. Archimedes Financial Planning clients are people who want a quantitative probabilistic basis when assessing investment valuation status, just broad generalisations and expectations.

New clients progress through an educational Strategy Stage, typically over 2-4 months, which clarifies necessary decisions on how best to use surplus income on investing for the future versus wealth preservation using personal insurances. Clients want to be sufficiently informed so they make the decisions on how much risk to take on, whether to borrow or not, amount and types of personal insurances, etc. Archimedes Financial Planning implements their decisions and provides regular benchmarked performance reports. All investments are wholesale managed funds and direct equities, platformed to allow consolidated asset allocation and tax reports.

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