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Michelle Brandell, CFP®

Name Michelle Brandell CFP®
Company Beyond Bank Australia Wealth Management
Address Level 12, 100 Waymouth
Adelaide, SA 5000
Phone 1800 061 320

I want to help my clients’ take control of their finances. Financial planning is not simply a one-off process and there is no “set and forget” strategy – it is an ongoing process that needs to be adjusted as life changes.

It is my job to identify what is important to you and to then convert this into concrete financial goals. It is important to first identify where you want to go to be able to create a plan to get there. The path you take will be tailored to suit your current situation as well as how you feel about money.

Financial planning is about taking a long-term approach to achieve what is important to you. If you start making smart financial decisions at a younger age, you are much more likely to be able to achieve your financial goals – whatever they may be.

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