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Marijana Subasic, CFP®

Name Marijana Subasic CFP®
Company Tribeca Collective Pty Ltd T/A Tribeca Financial
Address 1/110 Church Street
Hawthorn, VIC 3122
Phone 1300 388 285

I’m an Adviser who’s passionate about helping people. My background as a refugee has given me a unique perspective on how powerful helping others can be in making difference in someone else’s life. It’s this knowledge that first cultivated my passion for helping people live better lives – and is the reason that I was first drawn to financial advice.My career goal is to assist women in developing a better relationship with their finances and empowering them take charge of their financial future. There’s a huge misconception with what women think of when they hear the term “financial advice” and what it actually is. I aim to break down this idea to show women that financial advice isn’t a “boy’s club” – and that financial wellbeing is possible for all.At my current workplace, Tribeca Financial, I’m lucky enough to be able to work towards this goal every day, by helping my clients live their ‘Good Life’.When I’m not at work, you can usually catch me enjoying Bachata and spending quality time with my friends and family.

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