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Malcolm Greentree, CFP®

Name Malcolm Greentree CFP®
Company Halcyon Wealth Advisers Pty Ltd
Address 23 / 5-7 Inglewood Place
Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153
Phone 406476023

I created this business to change the face of financial advice, by holding onto fundamental and core principles, which primarily involves ensuring that practical, quality and trusted advice remains:* accessible;* affordable;* accountable;* achievable.We do not make any assumptions about your situation or what you seek to achieve. Our role is to ensure that we have a clear understanding of what your goals and objectives are, and then develop an appropriate strategy to help you achieve those goals. We would also ask that you do not make any assumptions about what it is that we may do for you. By having a greater understanding of your situation we are able to determine what areas of advice we can provide, what services you may need to obtain from other trusted advisers, and what you could do yourself (with the benefit of a few tools and some education). This approach allows us to play the role of Project Manager of your financial affairs, where our focus is on advice, not product. What can we achieve together? Overall, we want to ensure that all Australians have a greater sense of financial direction, to have a better feel for financial health and a greater sense of financial confidence to make those decisions that may normally keep us awake at night. By utilising technology and a dedicated team, we are able to offer ongoing financial education and support, online tools and financial calculators, accessible via your own personalised “client portal” so that you can access your financial plan online anytime that suits you, to provide continual support between our regular and scheduled progress meetings with your CFP qualified Financial Adviser.

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