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Lisa Scott, CFP®

Name Lisa Scott, CFP®
Company Bridges Personal Investment Services
Address Level 1, Raby Bay Harbour
152 Shore Street West
Cleveland, QLD 4163
Phone (07)38211161
Mobile 0491235944
Languages Russian

Need someone to save you hours of confusion and stress figuring out how to be more financially secure and live a better life? Talk to me.

With background in corporate project management and health counselling, I was always passionate about helping people live better lives or being more productive in their business. Upon entering financial services industry over 10 years ago, I realised that often anxiety about finances (income, debt, bills etc.) was one of the biggest obstacles people see on the way to living the life they want.

We are all different. Some of us love being in control and “doing it all ourselves”, others have a hands-off approach to finances. No matter which category you fall into, taking care of "money" matters often means a comfortable lifestyle when you can focus on what is really important in life - your family, your career and your personal endeavours (are you still planning that trip to New York?). I want to inspire you to use money as a tool to live a better life as you move through different experiences and events – starting employment, meeting the love of your life, buying a home, starting a family, changing jobs, maintaining your health, losing loved ones, retiring etc.

In the world where fear of bad advice stops people from seeking any advice at all, I urge you to have confidence in yourself. Ask yourself:
“What is it that I want to do in my life now, next year and for the next 20 years? What will it take for me to achieve this? Who can help me to achieve this?”

If you would like us to be on your support team to guide you on your financial journey, our team will be happy to either solve your one-off problem or develop a tailored strategy that we will help you implement and adjust to achieve your goal sooner or smarter.

And yes, you can do it yourself. But you don’t have to. We are not here to judge or talk down to you, instead, we are here to listen, give you potential solutions and guide you towards achieving a better life and celebrate your successes.

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