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Lee Nickelson, CFP®

Name Lee Nickelson CFP®
Company Embrace Wealth
Address 134 Union Rd
Ascot Vale, VIC 3032
Phone 03 9654 0555

I am an accredited Certified Financial Planner at Income Solutions in our modern office space in Richmond, Melbourne. Income Solutions is a progressive business and we focus on income requirements needed to fulfil lifestyle goals. We have an all-encompassing definition of wealth, and would like to help you achieve:

'an absence of financial worry, an income you won’t outlive & a meaningful legacy left to those whom you love'.

I am passionate about creating a world where my two daughters can grow up to receive every opportunity in life. This in turn drives my passion for financial planning for women and has lead to working with the Go Girls Foundation, where I offer my time to educate many women, some of whom find themselves in unique situations after relationship breakdowns and other unforeseen circumstances.

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